The High Plains Oasis

The mission of Oasis Outfitting is to supply a quality experience for our friends and guests.  Bob Price, the Founder, has spent 35 years to create a wildlife oasis in the heart of the high plains region.  Many Wildlife species live and thrive in the diverse habitat found on the ranches and farms leased or owned by the Oasis operation.


No matter if you come for the quality Mule or White Tail Deer, or the Goose and Duck hunting Oasis provides. Oasis is also home to some of the best Ring neck Pheasant, Scaled Quail, or Bobwhite Quail hunting in the region.  For the bird watcher, a trip to the spring lek of the Lesser prairie Chicken will be an experience of a lifetime.


Time not spent in the field is not wasted as the homemade meals of lamb, authentic Mexican food and other ranch and farm favorites are a special part of the Oasis experience.  Adrian’s Homemade Tortillas, freshly baked on a cast iron skillet and slathered with butter is an experience not to be missed.