Archery Hunting

Archery is easily one of the most challenging forms of deer hunting. The shorter range of a bow means that the hunter has to be positioned perfectly to guarantee a clean kill. Sitting in one of our many treestands or ground blinds, you will have a clear view of some of the most popular game trails found on the Oasis properties.


Oasis Hunting offers a wide variety of habitat types to hunt. They range from cottonwood river bottoms, to a large, tree-lined irrigation storage lake, expansive agricultural production areas, marsh lands, and unique and scenic sandsage prairie. Good populations of Mule and White-tailed deer can be found in any one of these areas. Often, deer move freely from one habitat area to another to meet their needs. Oasis prides itself on having these areas well scouted ahead of your visit, and in our ability to place our hunters in the right spot at the right time.


Being avid archery hunters ourselves, we are familiar with areas that offer great opportunities year after year, but continue to look for and identify potential new sites that offer our clients the best in Southwest Kansas hunting. We will do our best to get you into situations where you have the chance to harvest the buck of a life time. It's up to you to make the final seconds count. Southwest Kansas is known for the production of great deer. Operated by experienced wildlife biologists, Oasis manages its properties to enhance the age structure of our deer herd, knowing that the genetics are already present. We also ensure that large areas of our habitat are protected from unnecessary activity, further enhancing the health of our herds. Combine these factors with high quality food availablity, and the end result is trophy deer for you to hunt.