Duck on the water


Located in the High Plains Zone of the Central Flyway, Oasis waterfowl hunting not only has an incredible number of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl passing through during their annual migration, it also offers more potential days of hunting than the other Zones in Kansas.


The Oasis wetlands are located between Lake McKinney and the Arkansas River. Lake McKinney is a private irrigation supply lake where hunting is not allowed and access is restricted. This creates a perfect refuge for waterfowl. From this location they can freely move to the surrounding agricultural fields for feeding, passing over or stopping at open water on the Oasis. Oasis hunting blinds are in the perfect location to intercept these daily flights.


The Arkansas River remains mostly ice-free during the coldest parts of the winter, resulting in excellent hunting conditions and successful hunts. There is nothing more aesthetic than a snowy morning duck-goose hunt on a partially frozen prairie river. Don't miss this experience of a lifetime.