Booking a Hunt


Hunt Prices and Information

Call for deer, upland bird or waterfowl hunt prices

-Hunt Prices do not include tag, state hunting license, or travel expenses

-When applying or purchasing a tag, Oasis Hunting is in Deer Management Unit 17.

-Most hunts include guide, trophy care, and access to hunting areas. Lodging and food are available on some hunts. Contact us for availability.

-Hunts are booked with a 50% deposit with the remainder of the balance due on arrival to the hunt.

- If blood is drawn on the big game animal you are hunting it is considered a kill and your hunt will be over. It is very important that you come prepared and confident in your shots and weapons.

-Applicants for non resident deer permits must apply online from April 1 thru April 26, 2019 or apply by phone 1-800-918-2877. Feel free to contact us via email or phone for advice on applying for the permits.

* We do not guarantee a kill, the score of your animal, or offer discounts on deposits. However, we will strive to present the opportunity to take the animal of a lifetime. *

* Trophy care consists of skinning, field dressing, and prepping the animal to take to a taxidermist. For the processing of meat, we can suggest local butchers who will be able to take care of that for you. *

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

      We make this policy publicly known and clear on this website so that all parties understand. If you make a deposit on a hunt and you have to cancel, we are not able to refund your deposit or any other money paid to date. However, it is our policy that if you make a deposit on a hunt and then have to cancel, we can roll your deposit to a future hunt at our discretion depending on the hunt you have booked. 

      Deposits are money paid to reserve your hunt dates. When you have a deposit paid you own those hunt dates and we cannot sell them to anyone else.  When you pay a deposit on a hunt, it is non-refundable and you pay these funds to secure your hunting trip.

      If you are worried about the possibility of needing to cancel the trip, then we suggest buying trip insurance. There are special insurance companies that offer policies specifically for hunting trips.

      We look forward to having every one of you in the field for an exciting hunt. Please call us if you have any questions regarding our Cancellation & Refund Policy. 

Recommended Clothing & Gear


      Deer hunters, you will be hunting out of a stand or pit blind.  The temperature in southwest Kansas can fluctuate depending on the time of year you book your hunt.  Due to the style of hunting, we suggest you bring a layering system that will allow you to be comfortable while stationary for long periods of time. It does not rain much in this part of the state but a waterproof jacket or another system of staying dry is never a bad idea to bring along.

      Upland bird hunts involve lots of walking through various types of terrain.  having a breathable base layer will help you from overheating from the walking, but allow you to stay warm on the chillier days.  A good pair of rugged pants to fend off clinging vegetation will help you stay comfortable. The use of “hunter orange,” or other bright garments is not required for pheasant or quail hunting in Kansas but is highly recommended

      Waterfowl season starts The last week of September with teal season and goes almost uninterrupted until mid-January for ducks, and mid-February for dark geese.  Layering well will help you stay comfortable no matter the weather during your hunt. Water-resistant or waterproof clothing will help you stay dry and let you hunt longer.


      If your deer hunt is going to be in one of our many stands or blinds, have a pair of boots that are insulated enough to keep your feet comfortable in whatever weather you will be encountering during your hunt. If your hunt is going to be a spot and stalk, a pair of boots that support the foot and ankle are suggested to prevent any injuries while stalking through the sandhills.

      For upland hunting, a sturdy pair of boots or trail shoes that support the foot and above the ankle are recommended.  You will be traversing terrain varying from sandy hills to dried up stream beds. Make sure your footwear is able to handle it.

      Most of our waterfowl hunts take place over water, so a pair of waders would be best.  Insulated boots on them will be necessary later in the season.  Either Neoprene or breathable waders will do fine, as long as you can layer the correct clothing underneath. If you do not have a pair of waders, a good pair of waterproof boots such as Muck brand neoprene boots would also work.


If coming on a rifle hunt, we recommend bringing a rifle that is zeroed in at 100-200 yards. If archery hunting you should feel comfortable shooting anywhere from 10-80 yards. Muzzleloader shots could range from 10-150 yards.  

-Rifle hunting we suggest you bring at least one full box of ammo. 

-Upland bird hunts, bring one or two boxes of #5 or #6 shot per day you plan on hunting.

-Duck hunting, a few boxes of #3 or #4 size steel shot per day of hunting should do. 

-Goose Hunting, a few boxes of BB size steel shot is suggested

Upon arrival, but before the hunt, you will be asked to check the accuracy of your weapon.


For details on the legal use of weapons please refer to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism regulations

Optics and Other Gear

A good rangefinder, pair of binoculars and other items will be a valuable asset on your hunt. Feel free to bring whatever gear you think you may need out in the field. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.