Deer Hunting

      Operated by experienced wildlife biologists, Oasis manages its properties to enhance the age structure and health of our deer herds. We ensure that large areas of our habitat are protected from unnecessary activity, further enhancing the health of our herds. Combine these factors with the high-quality food available and the end result is trophy deer for you to hunt. ​ We pride ourselves on having these areas well scouted ahead of your visit so we can put you in the situation to take the buck of a lifetime. 

      In the Arkansas river bottoms and agricultural production areas, we have some fantastic whitetail hunting from our many blinds and stands placed in just the right spot to give you the best chance at a big buck. 

      Out in the sandhills, both mule deer and whitetail deer can be found. We have numerous blinds and stands that you can hunt from, as well as offering spot and stalk hunts.

Happy customer with trophy mule deer